Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cattle Drive

Later in the week we went to Dallas for the day.  We stopped by the Pioneer Plaza Cattle Drive.  This place is a park littered with sculptures of longhorns and cowboys herding them across a creek.  It was pretty cool!  We took a ton of pictures, of course!

Chris bet Lauren $10 that she couldn't cross the creek by climbing across the longhorns the entire way.  She didn't make it because of one huge gap, but she definitely gave it her best shot for awhile.
Jessie must have gotten tired from all the picture taking and leaned back to take a nap.  She kind of looks like a legitimate cowgirl, don't you think?
Anyway, I enjoyed Dallas and we also got to see where JFK was assassinated.  There is an "X" on the highway marking the spot.  Crazy to be in the same place where something monumentally historic happened.


Liz said...

i love the cow pictures! there's a place like that in austin, and we used to beg my parents to let us climb the cows every weekend. oh, texas :)

jennie said...

texas is awesome!

Patty said...

I want to go to Dallas!!

Stina said...

Man, giant cow sculptures and no humidity? Why do I still live in VA?