Monday, July 5, 2010

Golfcarting 101

While we were in Texas, Lauren and I took a picture on the pig that sits in front of my grandparents' house.  I think we have a picture of ourselves like this when we were younger, so we wanted to replicate it!

In the meantime, my Opa took the twins to get their motor vehicle operation licenses.  He made sure to give them a bit of instruction before turning them loose :)

We took a video of their first attempts at operating the golf cart.  Jessie's was a little rough at first, but I'm glad we caught it on camera!

While the girls were out joyriding, the rest of us took a nature walk close to the house on the ranch.

Chris rode back up to the house in the cart with them.  He was a braver soul than I :)


LA-jan said...

Congratulations to the girls! Your grandpa showed the steely nerves of a fighter pilot!!

jennie said...

awesome! golf carts are so fun!

Dorothy said...

What a hilarious video!