Monday, August 9, 2010

just call me Joan

Well, I'm back at work full time now and in honor of the occasion I thought about giving myself a sophisticated hairdo similar to Ms. Holloway's for the occasion.
(Mad Men, for those of you not obsessed yet.)

Due to my unfortunate flaw of not getting up very early plus a very busy and travel-filled weekend - more on that later, I didn't get the time necessary to arrange that sort of thing this morning.  My hair right now looks a lot more like it did in the late 90's in middle school.  Unfortunate, I know.

Anyway, today I'm saying goodbye to my time off and hello again to my desk.  I'm rejoining the working masses and starting to get organized.  It's a bit overwhelming to come back after being gone so long, but I'm sure I'll be back in the swing of things in no time :)


maggie said...

i'm impressed you were even thinking of doing this look this monday morning :) you could totally rock it though! happy BIRTHDAY!!!

Liz said...

i'm sorry you had to go back to work on your birthday!! hope you are celebrating tonight. i like your hair the way it is!

Dorothy said...

What a way to spend your Birthday!

jennie said...

i'd love to see your hair like that!! you can definitely pull it off!

LA-jan said...

Hope the rest of your birthday is swell!