Monday, September 6, 2010

Last of the summer weddings

Did any of you out there have to labor on labor day?  I was working today but Chris got the day off!  Lucky duck.  I still got to enjoy the pool after work, though :)  It seems to me like labor day really marks the end of summer.  It's still warm in the afternoons, but everyone is back in school and at work, and it's definitely getting darker earlier..

We had an uneventful week and a busy weekend, and unfortunately I had misplaced my camera cord at some point so I couldn't get any pictures onto the computer until today.  We finally found it and I'm so relieved!  On Saturday we went to a friend's wedding - the last wedding of the summer!  It was fun because the majority of Chris' roommates from college were there.  I've been fortunate to be able to get together fairly often with lots of my old roommates, but Chris' friends are a bit more spread out - so it was a great reunion.

The reception was outside and we got to enjoy some time playing lawn games before dinner.  Plus, instead of a cake, they had Krispy Kreme doughnuts!  And who can pass up one of those?  Ingenious.

I really love weddings because they're so creative.  I've seen so many intriguing and/or fantastic ideas at weddings, and more than that, the weddings often let the personality of the couple shine through. 


Patty said...

Love these pictures - bring back great memories of Harrison House! Bill looks great!

jennie said...

looks like fun! and huh, donuts at a wedding. interesting!

maggie said...

oh my the doughnut cake looks so awesome! whose wedding was it?

Katie said...

Alex and Laura Cramer