Monday, October 4, 2010


I've got a bone to pick with Mars, Co.

They make M&Ms for just about every holiday and non-holiday on the planet - Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, etc.  One would assume they would have M&Ms for Halloween, as well.  Well if one thought that, one would be wrong.

I had planned Chris' birthday cake around the availability of Halloween colored M&Ms.  Well, I found out two days before his birthday that either they don't make them, or the grocery store here just doesn't carry them.  They have beautiful fall colored M&Ms in nice reds and browns, but I needed orange and brown.

You see, in the Hall family, the way you show love to someone is by decorating, usually in an amateur fashion, their birthday cake.  For examples, see the following birthdays: my dad's, mine, Chris', my mom's, Lauren's, Eric's.  So I wasn't going to let the lack of availability spoil my cake plans.  I bought a regular bag and just separated the colors I needed. 

See, it was Chris' 25th birthday last week, and he was number 25 when he was playing in college - so I wanted to do a basketball-themed cake.  And Halloween M&Ms would have been perfect for that!  Oh well...I made do!

Since I had all the colors, I threw on #25 in TRIBE colors.

So there you have it, despite the fact that I had to separate all the M&Ms by hand, I made a basketball on the cake.

It definitely scares me out a little bit that we now have to use two boxes worth of candles for our birthdays instead of just the one pack of 24.  I wouldn't mind just not getting any older from this point out... ;)

But at least Chris still is capable of blowing all the candles out in one breath.

Check out the amount of smoke all those candles produced:
I'm surprised we didn't set off the smoke detector!  I mean, I've set it off at least twice here and we've only lived in this apartment for 7 weeks.  Clearly I'm on a roll :)


Patty said...

Katie, that cake is FANTASTIC!! Love all the pictures and all that smoke...yikes!

Liz said...

i love the cake and the fact that you still put all those candles on there!!

jennie said...

you can craft m&ms like no one i know

Ashley said...

aw so fun! i am way impressed by your M&M skills Katie :)

Stina said...

how cute!! they do make halloween m&ms...btw, they come in orange, black, purple, and lime green.

Dorothy said...

Happy Birthday again the Chris! Love the cake... and all that chocolate!

maggie said...

you should have used Hershey Reeses Pieces... they ONLY come in brown and orange :) thats a great looking cake!

LA-jan said...

You Hall women sure have that decorating cake thing down!!