Friday, October 29, 2010

Getting ready for Halloween

It's been an eventful but uneventful week! Chris had to go to Richmond yesterday for work and ended up getting a flat tire.  Not really a big deal, but once he got his spare on and finally got back on the road, he saw the car in front of him hit a deer! Glad it wasn't him, or me!   Anyway, we had to get it fixed today because a service station being open on a weekend here in town is simply unheard of!  I guess people just take off of work a lot to get things done.

On another note, everyone around here is getting into the Halloween spirit!  The neighbors below us have one of the most decorated decks in the apartment complex (first picture), and the pictures after are from an event at Chris' work.  We didn't go to nearly these lengths to decorate our deck - but I did at least stick out pumpkin outside, which I plan on carving tomorrow!

Spider (made of cheese!) and bones:
Brains (made of cauliflower):

We are having a Halloween-themed weekend here in town and have some friends coming to visit for the occassion! What are you all doing for Halloween?  Is anyone dressing up?


Dorothy said...

Very cool spider plate!

Stina said...

nice decor! so sad I missed the fun weekend! :(

maggie said...

ew, those brains are gross! will remember the idea tho one day for the ninos :)