Monday, October 25, 2010

Random things from October

I keep telling myself I'm going to catch up on posting here "next week" and I keep getting too distracted by other things to do it!  Not only do I enjoy posting, but when I put pictures up on here, they get stored online so if my computer ever dies (getting more and more likely now that it's on its seventh year of life), I'll still have a lot of them saved. So here's some things we've done over the past few weeks:

The other week we had an outing to pick out our pumpkin and ended up going to the same place we went last year.  I liked the place because it has beautiful sunflowers and is on the side of the road between where we live and Richmond.  We end up passing it pretty often throughout the year so it's a pretty convenient place to stop.
Surprisingly I don't have a picture of the pumpkin we picked out, but we plan on carving it this weekend and I'm sure I'll post pictures then.

Chris has been getting involved with FCA this semester at the school where he works and we ended up going to see this guy (Melvin Adams) speak a couple weeks ago:

He used to be on the Globetrotters and he retired in order to focus on speaking to youth around the world about faith.  He was pretty talented, entertaining, and straight-forward.  I really enjoyed it!
This thing showed up in the parking lot of our apartment complex one afternoon last week and we definitely took advantage of it:
Chris and I raced, but the very end segment wasn't completely blown up by the time we got there so it was incredibly difficult to climb up over that last hill.  We probably should have waited a few more minutes for it to fully inflate.

We also got to try our hand at bull riding.  I was inspired since I had been to my first ever rodeo over the summer while in Texas, but I have no idea how those guys hang on for a full 8 seconds.  I probably stayed on for 4 and was using both hands.

I'll work on more catch up later this week!


Liz said...

glad you guys are enjoying yourselves this month :) i can't believe there was a moon bounce/inflatable bull at your apartment!

Dorothy said...

HaHaHa! Awesome bull riding!

LA-jan said...

Love those bullriding pictures! Hilarious!

jennie said...

i love that you guys are doing the inflatable course and bull riding and there's no one else around!! did the apartment complex put those up just for fun?

Patty said...

Would love to have seen Chris and his long legs go through that obstacl course! Good for you, Chris, for getting back into FCA!