Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Last minute visit

Last weekend our friends Ashley and Alex flew out unexpectedly and last minute to visit all of us living in Virginia.  We came together in no time at all and had a great time doing nothing but catching up and relaxing!

And when I say  we didn't do much, I actually mean that we didn't do much!  We played cards, watched football, and hung out in sweat pants.  I took a grand total of three pictures this weekend - the two above, and this one, for obvious reasons: 

Chris and I had originally planned to stay home and do normal things like go to church (we haven't been to church in Farmville in a long time!) but when they called to say they found a good deal and were coming out we were thrilled!  It's our plan again this coming weekend to stay home and catch up on normal things, so we'll see how that works out for us :)


jennie said...

what a fantastic weekend! ashley & alex thanks so much for coming out!!

maggie said...

so awesome to see everyone! i love weekends of doing 'nothing' with my friends!! ash & alex -- so, so great to see you!