Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A scary experience

So on to our scary experience of Halloween weekend... Some of Chris' friends from work were having a bonfire at a farm nearby and we decided to go for awhile.

The bonfire was at a sweet house that had giant iron gates, crocodile statues, a suit of armour and tribal masks.  We were having a pretty good time early on.

The bonfire was going well, but the wood for burning was actually located in a massive pile through a couple cattle gates a few hundred yards out into the middle of a pasture nearby.  It was pitch black outside and we knew there were cows out there so we hurried through out to the pile with a single flashlight quickly.  Once we made it out to the pile, tripping through a little bit of mud and some uneven ground, we started collecting some wood.

Maggie, who was in charge of the flashlight scanned our surroundings just to make sure all was clear before we started heading back to the bonfire when she saw something.  Just through some trees, there seemed to be a bunch of legs floating in the air.

We got a little closer and it started looking more and more like human legs - it looked like a bunch of people had been hung and they were left out there on a tree.  We were absolutely terrified but had to get closer for another look.  I mean, this could not be serious.

Well lo-and-behold, they were people!  But they weren't hanging!  They were statues of children - a massive graveyard full of statues of children playing baseball.  In the middle of a wooded area in a pasture.  That in itself is a little creepy if you ask me!  But then we saw these:
You can only imagine how terrified we were standing in the middle of a giant field with only one flashlight and creepy statues and livestock surrounding us on all sides.  We got out of there real quick.
Halloween night was actually less eventful.  For one thing, last year we lived in the most popular trick-or-treating neighborhood in town so it was crazy busy and this year we live in a less family-oriented apartment complex.  I'm a little bummed I didn't get to see all those cute little kids in their costumes this year!  Second, since Halloween was on a Sunday night this year, I think there were less people out.  I saw more people in costumes on Friday at the grocery store than I did on Sunday!
Hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend!


jennie said...

this night still haunts me... in an incredibly awesome way

Dorothy said...

Ah - sounds like the perfect scary Halloween evening!!!

LA-jan said...

Strange indeed!

maggie said...

it looks like... legs! ah! one of my best Halloweens EVER!