Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My new technique to remember my coffee in the morning

As the holidays are approaching and things start getting crazy at work, it seems like I have more and more things to remember in the morning before leaving for the office.  Sometimes it's cookies for a holiday lunch, a card for someone, things to bring to the post office, etc. - whatever it happens to be, I seem to have my hands full a lot more often in the morning these days.  Proof that I often have too much to carry?  My coffee mug now has quite a dent on the lip when I accidentally dropped it in the parking lot while trying to juggle too many things at once:

And that is what I'm blaming for my unfortunate habit of forgetting to bring my coffee to work in the morning!  I never used to have this problem, so I am blaming the holidays.  In order to rectify this situation, we've devised a new plan that will (hopefully) make it virtually impossible for me to forget my mug.  We've put a sign on the front door.

Now every day when I leave the house in the morning and go to unlock the door, this friendly reminder helps me run back to the kitchen and grab my coffee before I hustle out the door to scrape the ice off my car.  So far it has helped me for about a week.  If Post-It Notes offered 8 1/2 x 11'' sized post-its, I might just invest in a pack.  Maybe I can employ the same system to help me remember to water the plants!


jennie said...

they have post it notes that are about half the size of a normal piece of paper- and they are awesome! i have a pack and use them quite often!

Dorothy said...

That would work! I am impressed that you are able to wait until leaving the house to drink your coffee!

Patty said...

Tht's a great idea!!

maggie said...

haha, this is an awesome idea! i have a list of things (metro card, id card, building key, etc...) i have to remember on a daily basis. once a week i forget something :)