Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lots of stuff

This is a random post of things I just haven't gotten around to posting about so far this year.  Consider it a catch-up from the holiday season!

When we went to see ICE! a couple weeks ago, we also took a few minutes to walk around the National Harbor in the bitter, bitter cold to see the tree.  It was so cold, but very pretty.  I wore leggings under my jeans, wool socks, boots, and a host of layers on top.  I definitely came prepared.

For New Years Eve, a bunch of our friends came over to Chris' parents' house and we had an awesome time.  We had fajitas and 'ritas, played some form of charades and dominated at Just Dance 2 - a really fun Wii game.  We also got to hang out with a bunch of friends we don't often get to see :)
(Picture courtesy of Kayla)

I had a week at home to fall in love with this little guy, and I miss him a ton!!  Reading in the afternoon is just not the same without him jumping up on your lap and falling asleep on top of your book.  I'm pretty sure he would try to prevent me from reading so I would pay attention to him and pet him instead.  It definitely worked.  Anyway, I believe he's enjoying living with Eric, and I can't wait to see him again!

I received these super cute 12 Days of Christmas plates from my grandparents for Christmas this year.  Each one is a different day of the song and I've been using them non-stop since we got them!  Everything Christmas-y in our house is packed up now except for these.  How late in the season is rationally acceptable to keep using these plates??


maggie said...

oh my, i still want that kitty! so adorable! and i think you can keep christmas alive all year long with those plates! they are cute!

LA-jan said...

I'd say those little plates would go great year round with your cookies!

Dorothy said...

I love those plates - it is fun to bring them out at Thanksgivings and keep them out until you are ready for spring. I suggest pack them away for a few months so you get the joy of opening the box and starting the season the next year!

kayla said...

oh my goodness, he is TOO CUTE. seriously! :) Love you lots - so good to catch up, even if briefly!

Liz said...

great pictures! even though i'm allergic to cats, i often wish for something warm and cuddly to study with these days!