Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Vday!

We decided to continue our run of having brinner (breakfast for dinner) on Valentine's Day. We are both busy tonight so we celebrated yesterday with french toast. I haven't had french toast since last Valentine's Day, and it was pretty delicious :)

We don't do anything big for this holiday, but it is a great reminder to set aside some time from your busy schedules and be deliberate about spending it together.

I also got to spend some deliberate time with my mom and sister last weekend making our Valentines. It was fun to pull out the construction paper and Elmers glue and get creative.

Happy Valentine's Day! Enjoy it by spending time with the people you love in your life!


maggie said...

wow your valentines look great! Love the brinner tradition :)

jennie said...

yeah those are some elaborate homemade valentines! they're awesome! did someone make that angel by hand?

Katie said...

Yeah - Lauren did. She googled cupid on the ipad and then free handed it. She's creative!

kayla said...

um WOW, i am SO impressed by your Valentine's! Haha you guys should sell them, or something! :)

Stina said...

mmm I love Brinner! And those cards are quite impressive!