Friday, March 11, 2011

Recycling - everybody do your part

This week was spring break at my work and while I didn't have it off, most of the school's population did. That means it's been very very quiet!

I got a notice saying that recycling has finally been instated here, so I put 'cleaning out old files' on my list of things to do if I had some down time this week. I scouted out the bins earlier this week and am happy to say that now I am doing my part to save the environment. And 'my part' is a stack of paper about three feet high.  I've cleaned out old bookcases, two old file cabinets and a ton of desk drawers (I have two desks). There is a lot of completely useless information hiding out in this office!

The best part about it? The recycling system here doesn't require you to remove staples :) That may not seem like a big thing, but if you could see all the stuff I've been coming across you would understand how much of a pain this would be.

In addition to paper products, other useless things found around the office include:
- A broken lamp, minus bulb, minus lampshade, that has been hanging around in a corner of my office for over a year. I don't even remember who brought it in/put it there originally.
- A broken printer. Has been sitting here for a least 6 months - doesn't even turn on when you plug it in. The ink has been recycled and everyone else refuses to take it. Trash.
- A Rolodex. Don't know what that is? Click here. Those things are as useless as a phone book and have been obsolete since the invention of the internet.


Ashley said...

Haha I just had to say that I actually just bought a rolodex for work :) I get a TON of business cards through my job and I don't want to throw them away, but a stack of rubber banded business cards is pretty useless too. Maybe you could send me yours! jk :)

Katie said...

Scan them to v-cards and toss the paper!

Elizabeth said...

hooray for recycling! my life has been so much more complex since they took it away from our apartment. enjoy the uplifting feeling as you get rid of stuff :)

LA-jan said...

What a great way to clean out the office!

We took our broken printer in to Staples and got $50 off a new one! Even paid for the old ink cartridges, too! Yay for recycling!

Terry still takes our cans and bottles to the center for $$, too!