Saturday, March 19, 2011

Things are starting to bloom

It's gorgeous outside this weekend - Chris' favorite weekend of the year! Since it's March Madness we are spending the majority of it in front of the tv watching the games. We even bought junk food at the grocery store this weekend for the occasion! As a kind gesture to me, Chris has been taking a reasonable break from the madness (during down time - 10 minutes here or there) to enjoy the outdoors with me a bit.

I am about middle-of-the-pack so far in the bracket challenge - I think Chris will post an update after this round ends tomorrow night. I wasn't off to a great start, but there have been a lot of upsets (go CAA!!) so I don't think anyone is doing exceptionally well.

I can't wait until it's this nice outside consistently :)


maggie said...

wow a gorgeous tree! last weekend was such a tease -- it will be in the 40s here this upcoming weekend... come back spring!

kayla said...

the tree is so pretty - the cherry blossoms started a little early with our warm weekend last weekend, and it's lovely! can't wait till it's here to stay! :)