Monday, April 4, 2011

Christina Tribute Post

I hope you all enjoyed this year's NCAA tournament as much as I did.  It was another great year, the CAA proved how tough a league it is again, and there were some crazy games.  This year's winner is Christina, so hats off to her for outlasting 22 others to claim the crown.  Here are 10 things about Stina that you should know:

1. Her family calls her Chris and all of us W&M folk call her Stina.  Put them together and you've got the full thing.

2. She is a math teacher, and her favorite song is this.  True story.

3. She is a gangster cowgirl, which is tough to pull off:

4. This was the first year in our 3-year history that the champion was decided before the championship game was even played.  That's sheer domination.

5. She's good at apple baseball.  From the looks of that swing, I think it was a homer:

6. She is a huge fan of the TV show Friends, and one of the few people who could defeat me in Friends trivia.

7. She is part Cuban.

8. She lived at 4052 with Katie her senior year which means she got to hang out with me a lot more than she ever realized she was going to.

9. She named her bracket "Stina's C'mon Kemba! Bracket" which turned out to be a very appropriate name.

10. She started strong and finished strong during this year's tournament, never dropping out of the top 2 positions the entire time.  She is the Usain Bolt of NCAA tournament brackets.


1. Christina C. - 115
2. Erika S. - 107
3. Dave E. - 67
4. Bob S. - 60
4. Liz K. - 60
4. Paul D. - 60
7. Jessica S. - 59
7. Lauren H. - 59
7. Patty S. - 59
10. Rob S. - 57
11. Cassidy J. - 56
11. Chris S. - 56
13. Eric H. - 54
14. Alex H. - 53
15. Jennie T. - 52
15. Jonathan G. - 52
15. Katie S. - 52
18. Ashleigh S. - 49
18. Ashley H. - 49
20. John & Dorothy H. - 48
21. Ryan J. - 45
22. Maggie M. - 44
23. Paula D. - 39


Stina said...

haha thanks friend :)

jennie said...

haha congrats stina!! job well done!

Erika said...

Can I get a shout out for going from 21st, after the first two rounds, to a final place of 2nd? I'm pretty proud of that. Oh... and congrats to Stina :)

Elizabeth said...

i love this post!! well done stina and chris!

Patty said...

Wow, Christina and Erika blew everyone out of the water! Congratulations Christina and Erika, your mom will give you a shout-out! Good job on 2nd place. Love the name of your bracket, Christina. Maybe that's key to winning - a cool name. You are an awesome young lady (esp cool since you're such a whiz at math)and I enjoyed your tribute post!