Monday, May 23, 2011

Pool for the weekend

Armed with SPF 30 and a few library books, Chris and I spent much of this weekend at the pool. Our complex's pool opened in mid-April, a nice relief from the hot and humid Virginia spring. This is really the first weekend we've been home with good weather to take advantage of it. For the week we consistently had highs in the mid to low 70s - it's been wonderful! Chris played golf four out of five days last week, and the one day he missed was not due to lack of people to play with.

Want to know where I forgot to apply my sunscreen?

Why aren't weekends longer..?

AND...Happy birthday to my dad!! Wish we could be up there tonight to celebrate with you!


Elizabeth said...

i did the same thing to my feet last weekend :( hope yours are feeling better and glad you guys are enjoying the weather!

jennie said...

ouch. yes the feet are easy to forget! happy birthday papa hall!

maggie said...

yikes! that looks painful! LOVE the sunshine and warm weather though!!!