Friday, July 1, 2011

Power out in the sunshine

Just as we were finishing making dinner last night, the power went out. It was bright and sunny, hardly a cloud in the sky, so we were a little confused. We finished eating and then stepped out on the deck to see if it was just us or everyone in our area. It was a little surprising - we could hear every bird chirping and ever buzz of a fly. Usually you hear a constant hum of air conditioner units running at the very least, but there was nothing. I've never really experienced that before because typically when our power goes out it's due to a loud storm.

Anyway, we called the power company and found out that some contractor had cut an underground power line and that they wouldn't be able to restore power before midnight so we collected a few candles since it was growing dark and settled in for the evening.

It was so hot in our apartment that we had to sit out on the deck with the breeze until we went to bed.

I also felt like I was living in the 1800s carrying a candle around to brush my teeth and do the dishes. The power came back on sometime in the middle of the night, but thankfully we went around the house turning off everything we had on when the power went out so nothing would wake us up when it came back. It was a warm evening without even the fan going!


Elizabeth said...

glad you guys made it in the heat! i have been extremely grateful for the AC this summer and am hoping we don't get any brownouts!

LA-jan said...

makin' lemonade out of lemons! Sweet!