Monday, August 29, 2011

Mom and Lauren visit

After the earthquake last week, hurricane Irene was totally uneventful for us inlanders. We had rain all day and a bit of wind but we never lost power - so all that precaution for nothing! When I went to school this week I felt pretty bad though because about 30% of my classmates living in Richmond are still without power. The school and hospital system were up through the storm though so my week carries on as normal.

We spent the morning Saturday at field hockey and soccer games for the school where Chris works and with rain jackets on it just seemed like any rainy morning. My mom and sister came down to visit in the early afternoon though which made the weekend exciting!
(Picture courtesy of my mom)

We baked, went out to dinner, explored the area, rented a movie, and played a lot of indoor cards and games. It was a shame that Irene stopped by then because we couldn't spend the day at the pool, but I think we had fun anyway :) It was great to hang out with them down here for a change - we always love having people come visit! Thanks for coming!!

Above is our attempt at baking pretzel rolls - they came out pretty well if you ask me! Chris' family just got back from a month in Germany and I kept thinking about the gro├čen Brezeln (giant pretzels) I used to get when I lived there, so this was a nice way to experience a bit of Germany at home.


LA-jan said...

Those pretzel rolls look yummy!

jennie said...

wow you are quite the baker! i am now starting a list of things i would like you to make next time we are together.

1- pretzel rolls

Dorothy said...

I had a great time seeing you guys! Thank you for all the fur energy you shared!

maggie said...

Can you send me the recipe for those rolls?? They look totally amazing!

Katie said...

Maggie - I'll send you the recipe in an email!

Patty said...

those rolls look delicious!! is that a food gawker recipe??