Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A laborless Labor Day

We went to visit Chris's family's house this long weekend - they've just returned from a month overseas so we hadn't seen them in quite awhile! We had a lot of stuff packed into just three days and we had an awesome time! We started out with a wedding on Saturday, his sisters had a birthday party with their friends on Sunday, and then we had a family birthday celebration Monday because many family members celebrated their birthdays while they were out of the country. For his sisters' party, we got to help plan a sort-of scavenger hunt/list of tasks for them to accomplish in teams, which involved an "Autobahn Challenge", yodeling, the polka, and a "Fußball Challenge." (Can you tell their party was German-themed?)
(Chris and me at the wedding)

(Ashleigh finishing the "Autobahn Challenge")

(Jessica attempting the "Fußball Challenge")

Overall it was a very fun weekend where we got to hang out with family and catch up on the things they experienced on their adventure. They actually spent a week of their trip in Freiburg, where I studied in Germany in 2006 (the city holds a lot of family history) and as sad as it was not to be there myself, it was so wonderful to see pictures of the places I used to frequent while living there! My heart aches to go back!

On an unrelated note, right before we left to head up to family, I discovered a Border's gift card that I didn't know I had! Knowing the company was going out of business soon I hopped on the website to see if I could find anything to order but then last minute decided to try to go to the store while we were up north because I knew they'd have better sales at their locations. Sure enough, Chris and I bought five new books and a few greeting cards for 70-80% off to use up my gift card AND they were all books on my "to read" list that aren't available at the libraries down here, so I was super excited. We used up my gift card and I ended up owing $1.04.

I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend, even if you didn't end up with Monday off (my last job did not get this holiday, so there's bound to be a bunch out there)!


Patty said...

Thanks for all your help with the party!!

jennie said...

sounds like a packaged but awesome weekend! and the scavenger hunt sounds sweet...keep collecting those basement olympic games ideas! :)

Ashley said...

So fun! I'm with Jennie - I sense some future BOG activities in the making. What books did you end up getting?

Katie said...

Ahab's Wife (recommendation from a friend, Persuasion (Austen), Chris got a devotional-type book and some commentary type book that I don't plan on reading! Hah

maggie said...

That party looks like so much fun! And score on the borders card... we went a few weeks ago to use a gift card, but their sales weren't so great yet!