Monday, October 31, 2011


We got a call from a friend that runs our church's high school youth program on Friday saying they may need some help driving to an event they were taking everyone to that evening. Apparently friends started calling friends and before you know it, 40 kids showed up to attend Liberty University's Scaremare.
(This guy creeped up behind me while we were waiting in line and shot off a paintball gun. You can probably imagine my reaction when I turned around.)

Basically the university bought an old orphanage and turned it into a creepy haunted house and at the end, students take the opportunity to share the gospel to haunted house goers. Chris and I were in the back of our group of kids so I got to see most everything coming, but there was one moment where a guy leaped out of a tree at me (dressed all in black and attached to a zip line) and it definitely caught me unawares as he flew over my head. I was freaked out. On top of that, it was a nasty, rainy, cold, Halloween-esque night, which ended up being the perfect type of weather for an event like this.
(If you look closely you can see the guy in the tree.)

Chris is not a fan of "scary" things - I guess he doesn't find joy or amusement in the adrenaline rush of being scared :), but he agreed to go along to be helpful to the youth and I'm pretty sure he ended up having a good time.



Dorothy said...

Love the look on Chris's face! It looked like fun and I bet the kids were thrilled. Glad you were able to help out at the Scare.......event!

jennie said...

i may have nightmares about the guy with the skeleton face mask. terrrrifying.

Patty said...

So good of you to go and help out! That guy in the tree?? Totally creepy! I'm not so sure I would have done well at this.

Chris said...

Fun fact: The look on my face is in reaction to the Redskins' offense this week. Katie doesn't appear to be bothered too much.

Elizabeth said...

this is awesome! i know i would have been super scared :)

maggie said...

i used to love stuff like this... but I've become more easily scared in recent years! kudos to you for braving the weather and helping out!