Monday, October 17, 2011

Visit with friends

October has been very kind to us this year weather-wise. We are still getting the occasional day with a high over 70F, though most days are in the 60s, which is perfect fall weather in my opinion. I love this season - our door is open all evening letting fresh air into the house but I don't have to break out the winter jacket yet. We've been trying to spend time doing things outdoors and visiting family and friends since winter is coming and that kind of thing will likely happen less often in the coming months.

This weekend was quiet in terms of travel (finally!), except for a brief jaunt to Richmond to visit Liz, a friend from college who flew in for the week - though I hardly consider that travel as I make that drive almost every day these days. It was a wonderful and unfortunately short visit, but totally worth every minute. 

Next weekend we get to see more friends that we haven't seen in awhile - so we're very excited :)


jennie said...

an october to remember! (doesn't sound as good as a november to remember...but that can be memorable as well)

Elizabeth said...

it was really great to see you! hope you can enjoy many more days of wonderful weather!

maggie said...

you girls all look beautiful! Sad to have missed you, so glad you got to hang out in Richmond!