Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall back

We had a relaxing weekend at home to celebrate "falling back", which included sleeping an extra hour Saturday night (probably the only thing I like about daylight savings - I mean, it is dark now by 5:30!). I hate to admit it, but I still fell asleep again after church on Sunday for an afternoon nap despite that extra hour.
(Chris turning our clocks back)

Saturday "we" went golfing (mostly Chris, although I did play one hole on which I scored something like 14 strokes before recognizing that I am, in fact, not a golfer). My biggest accomplishment during the round was that I out-drove Chris on one of the holes. Picture to prove it:

It was a gorgeous day outside so it was nice to spend a couple hours out walking around.

Also this weekend - I made apple pie! Usually I make them earlier in the season, but I just haven't gotten around to it. When we knew we were going to be home for the weekend, we picked up some apples at the store and have been enjoying eating it into this week. I love apple pie - and it reminds me of Freiburg, because that is where I first learned to bake pies with my friend, Suz.


LA-jan said...

Beautiful Fall pictures! And,yum! That pie looks scrumptious!

jennie said...

you can barely see chris he's so far in the distance!

Dorothy said...

Ohhhh looks delicious! Fun day on the links. By the way, you inherited your great golfing skills from me!

maggie said...

that looks like the perfect fall day! ... and fantastic pie!