Thursday, January 26, 2012

January, but not that cold

I haven't been great about updating this recently, but that's because I haven't had much to update! We are spending our weeks focused on work and school and our weekends focused on finding a place to live. We are getting close to making a decision (as we should be, since the owners of this house come back next week!) so soon we will have to find a new hobby to take up our weekends :)

Chris's mom, sisters, and one of his sister's boyfriend came down to visit last weekend. We had a great day (despite the rain) eating ice cream, walking through colonial Williamsburg, and watching the Tribe play at home.
(We went to Bruster's and I had Peanut Butter Puddles and Heavenly Hash for flavors. In case you were interested, they were both delicious)

On tap for this weekend? Watching the Tribe play in Norfolk, walking though the vineyard (while we still have the chance!), and enjoying having a garage door opener for a few more days!


Patty said...

We had a great time. Yea for garage door openers! Enjoy your last few days there - jealous of your walks through the winery.

Aunt Michele said...

Let us know your address when you have one! Good Luck with your decision making! Love to you both!!! How is school going?

Katie said...

Thank you - we definitely will! School is fine - sure wish I was already done with it though ;)

jennie said...

oh how i love CW! Can't wait to visit!