Friday, May 25, 2012

Beginning of summer

I have never lived a full summer in Williamsburg - only drove down for weekends to visit Chris and other friends over break - and goodness is it hot! Walking out of the house this morning at 7:30 felt like stepping into a bathroom after someone took a hot, steamy feels more like August than May. We are taking precautionary measures though, such as stocking up on ice cream and sunscreen.

Despite the humidity, we are really thankful to be living here.

Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer to me and I am looking forward to just about everything to do with summer (excluding school): flip-flops, lemonade, water of every kind, beach, relaxation, and the sun. Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. 


jennie said...

it sounds like freeze pop o'clock

LA-jan said...

Hope there is a pool close by!

maggie said...

I love summer!!! You guys look so happy in this photo -- its a great one!