Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ladies weekend

This past weekend, my college roommates came into town for our first ladies-only reunion. In past years we have had things like weddings or homecoming to bring us all together, but with nothing on the horizon this summer, we planned a weekend just for fun. The timing worked out great for most and we were able to spend some awesome time catching up and sitting by the pool.
(picture courtesy of Liz, who is now officially a doctor)

We ended up doing a whole lot of relaxing (though unfortunately I had to duck out for a few hours Friday morning to take a final in Richmond), eating good food, and rehashing old memories. Other than that, all I have to say is that I'm sorry they're gone already and that I can't wait until next time :)


Ashley said...

whoo hoo girls weekend! miss you all already, and can't wait to be together again!

jennie said...

ditto to all of the above! the weekend was so fantastic and i cannot wait for the next!!

LA-jan said...

I love that!