Friday, July 20, 2012

Aiken-Rhett and Nathaniel Russell Houses

We toured two famous houses while we were in Charleston. The Aiken-Rhett House was the first; an antebellum house and former home of William Aiken, Jr., a governor of South Carolina. The house was gorgeous, but true to its age, was not climate controlled. Charlestonians would leave for cooler climates during the hot summer months, so it was apparently unnecessary. This house had some of the best porches, and a joggling board (native to the South Carolina Lowcountry), which I had never heard of before. Ladies used to sit out on them to bounce and rock side-to-side. I have already told Chris we are getting one of these in the future.

The second house we toured was the Nathaniel Russell House; home to a wealthy merchant named Nathaniel Russell, his wife, and two daughters. It is famous for its style, unique architecture, and is home to a free-flying staircase, which was pretty cool to see. The staircase connects the three floors, supports its own weight, and does not connect to the house's walls. I couldn't take any pictures inside, but you can google it to get the idea if interested.

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maggie said...

i've never heard of the joggling board! was it comfortable? It kinda sounds like a porch swing with no cushions. these home are stunning and they look so well preserved!