Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy birthday Chris!

Last night was the first home football game that played through without a weather delay this season - and we won! It was a great game. Also, a couple of our friends were in town for the weekend and we finally got to meet their baby :)

Another notable thing from yesterday: it was Chris's birthday!

Happy birthday Chris!

Unfortunately we didn't do much to celebrate unless you count a trip to Sweet Frog as a celebration because he had to work all day. Instead, I made this chocolate pie for him tonight, a day late. I had vowed to not make this pie again until I had a stand mixer because it takes about 20 minutes of mixing which I did with a hand mixer last time. I have a stand mixer these days so it was a good time to make it again. Also, I restrained myself from sticking 27 candles into it this year only because it was a pie and not a cake. :)


jennie said...

alright for the tribe! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS!!

Patty said...

Happy birthday Chris! Nice win, Tribe! That pie looks awesome.

maggie said...

i love your birthday pie! Happy Birthday, Chris!