Monday, October 8, 2012

Erika and Jonathan are married!!!

Chris and I went up to northern Virginia for the majority of this week to party with his family and celebrate his sister's and our new brother-in-law's wedding. It started out with a rehearsal at Rosemont Manor, the place where she and Jonathan exchanged their vows.

Later we headed over to Jonathan's parents house for a good ole fashioned pig roast. I have never been to one before and I have to say that it was absolutely amazing and such a unique and fun experience. Jonathan's dad carved the pig for everyone and his mom made homemade pumpkin pie for dessert. 

Despite a little bit of rain and cold, the wedding was wonderful. Erika was absolutely gorgeous and it was so fun to be able to share the day with them. I didn't take any pictures of the ceremony itself, but fear not - it was stunning.

It was quite the party - I had to fight one little lady off to dance with my husband ;)

They seemed pretty excited to be married and we were all pretty excited for them. 

As the first of our siblings to tie the knot, I have to say they've set the bar pretty high for future family weddings. It was a great night!


jennie said...

looks like a blast! Congrats to Erika & Jonathan! And you guys look great!

Dorothy said...

Ericka looked so beautiful and both soooo happy! Congratulations to them both and the whole family. What a wonderful day!

Ashley said...

Aw so fun!! And so beautiful!! Sounds like a great wedding that will produce an even better marriage :)

maggie said...

congrats Erika and Jonathan! Katie, I love your dress and those ties are sweet!

Patty said...

Such fun pictures Katie! You were a true blessing to me on wedding day - thank you for all of your help!! Little Marisol was so taken with Chris!!

Stina said...

so beautiful! congrats to Erika and Jonathan!