Monday, October 22, 2012

Saturday without a game

Seeing as how this weekend was the only bye-week for football until the season ends, we got to enjoy our Saturday together! We volunteered on campus for a 5k to support a scholarship named in honor of one of W&M's past athletes. Chris handed out participant ribbons to some of the younger kids and we helped record race finishers.

We also went to the second to last farmer's market of the season, which will have to tide us over until the holiday markets start. I think there are only a couple more sporadic ones for Thanksgiving and Christmas in the coming months. One of the restaurants was featured at the market and they were giving away samples of their white sweet potato soup, which was absolutely delicious.

The fall season is one of the prettiest times of year throughout Virginia, but particularly in Williamsburg. There are fall decorations beginning to emerge downtown and soon enough the Christmas ones will be here. Since we didn't move here until practically winter last year, I'm really enjoying our first fall back :)


LA-jan said...

I love those farmers markets! Beautiful peppers!

jennie said...

are those all different varieties of pens in the chef's pockets? they look like they mean business!

maggie said...

yum! those pepper are beautiful to look at and I bet there were fantastic to eat!