Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lord Botetourt

Earlier in February we had a super busy weekend around the burg. Chris had work events all weekend long, only two of which I attended. The first one was the Lord Botetourt Auction. We all dressed up and bid on items through both a silent and a live auction. It was pretty fun, and the best part was that despite it being a very formal event, everyone wears tennis shoes! The second event was the annual Charter Day dinner. W&M turned 320 years old this year and we celebrated through dinner and entertainment.

Hark upon the gale!


jennie said...

oh wow very nice! what is the meaning behind wearing tennis shoes?

Dorothy said...

What a fun way to dress up comfortably! You both look cute!

maggie said...

I love that you get to wear sneakers -- my feet hate dressing up! Hooray for 320 years of harking up the gale!