Monday, March 25, 2013

March Madness Pool - Sweet 16 Update

It was a crazy first weekend of the NCAA Tournament - lots of upsets and buzzer beaters.  Below are the current standings for the pool, but it's still wide open.  6 people still have all 4 of their Final 4 left, which is impressive.  I am also including an awesome video that I saw last week of kid president making his picks.  If you have a few minutes, it is definitely worth a watch.

Bill F 49
Michele F 48
Chris S 47
Ryan J 47
Rob S 46
Jennie T 46
Katie S 46
Bob S 44
Alex H 44
Paul F 43
Maggie E 43
Ashley H 42
Patty S 42
Stephen W 42
Paula D 41
Liz W 41
Cassidy J 40
Erika G 37
Christina C 36
Ashleigh S 33
Jessica S 31

1 comment:

jennie said...

haha that was incredible! My 6 year old niece picked her teams in a similar fashion, except she has Florida Gulf Coast going all the way- Let's go FGC!