Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Baby gifts

The weekend after we went home to tell our families about Baby Strat, we came home to the baby's first ever gift! My mom and sister had gone out shopping and sent a little rattle in the mail to us. It is super cute and I am very excited for it to see some use in a few months.

Then when we visited Texas a couple weeks ago, we ended up coming home with a lot more than we left with. My grandparents gave us some bath things and homemade burp cloths (a friend's daughter sews them) and their friends/neighbors also gave us a few, along with an adorable boy and girl outfit. Baby clothes are so cute!

The following week, Chris had a few work appointments in Charlotte, one of which was with J.D. Gibbs from Joe Gibbs Racing. They have the M&M's car, and they gave Chris a pair of baby M&M socks for our little one to wear in the future! Seeing how we both love M&M's, these socks will surely see a lot of use.

It is a bit odd that we've got baby stuff lying around the house and no baby, but that will come soon enough it seems. For now, we're just enjoying our time, and I'm enjoying looking at small things online :)


LA-jan said...

Looks like you've covered with either boy or girl judging by the gifts so far!
So cute!

jennie said...

those m&m socks are fabulous! you should get a matching onesie

Patty said...

Oh, those baby clothes are so adorable! Totally approve of the m&m socks and like jennie's idea! You look so skinny still! Those pictures of our grandchild just melt my heart. I pray for him/her.

maggie said...

love the cute clothes/toys! Baby Strat will be here before you know it though :)

Wang Jing said...
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Wang Jing said...

That's so cute! Just like baby gifts in Singapore. So cute.