Thursday, May 16, 2013

First day at the beach

I had to clear out of our place yesterday in the afternoon so the owner could get some things done, but because I worked the night before and was going on only a few hours of sleep, I didn't want to do anything too taxing. I was debating braving Target, but even though there's a few things I need there, every time I walk into that store I get so overwhelmed by everything there and all the selection that I typically end up leaving with nothing feeling unaccomplished. My other option was heading down to CW to take a walk since it was such a nice day, but I get tired walking around pretty quickly now and I needed to be out of the house for at least two hours. I called Chris when I woke up and he suggested heading to Jamestown Beach. It was in the high 80's and I had a book to read, so that's what I did.

It was great to sit in a chair with my feet in the water and read a book, but I noticed a few things about being pregnant at the beach:

1. I didn't even think to wear a bathing suit. And it was HOT. I was literally the only person there who was fully clothed. I actually bought a maternity bathing suit top online because it was on sale for $9 and I read that you can typically wear standard bathing suit bottoms with those tops as long as they are the right size. I just wore a tank top and skirt and I definitely regretted it because I couldn't get in the water...but the weird thing was that the thought never even crossed my mind to wear a bathing suit.

2. I can't lay on a towel. At all. I can't lay on my stomach because it squishes the baby, if I lay on my back, the baby squishes me and I'm uncomfortable, and laying on the sand on your side is just not at all comfortable. The sand doesn't offer any give for your hips or shoulders or head.

3. I need tons of snacks. I ate strawberries, crackers, and fruit snacks all within the first 30 minutes I was there (after I had already eaten lunch) and I had to leave to seek air conditioning and food after an hour. I think my biggest mistake was not bringing water, but I guess the heat makes me extra hungry.

We are heading to the beach for a week in July with my family and I will be a couple months bigger by then, so I am going to have to practice so I know what I'm going to need while I'm there. I can already tell I'm going to be spending fairly short bursts at the beach itself and a lot of time relaxing/napping on the porch.


Patty said...

Looks like a gorgeous day to be at the beach, but I can't imagine not being able to cool off or drink water!! but I'm glad you enjoyed, at least for a little bit.

Dorothy said...

Fun to be near the water anytime. Glad you are so close now to work out all the special needs before Rehoboth!

LA-jan said...

I think the porch is an excellent idea for Rehoboth! With Chris to get you an ice cream or lemonade to keep cool, you'll be set!

maggie said...

looks like a beautiful day at the J-town beach! Glad you were able to find a relaxing spot to spend the afternoon :)

jennie said...

Pregnant at JTB! Your Williamsburg experiences have truly come full circle. I love it!

Stina said...

I miss JTB! might need to invest in one of those little pop up tents to relax under when you go to the beach in July!