Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Running errands

It's been raining off and on pretty consistently for the last week or so which is pretty appropriate for April so I've been trying to get a bunch of errands done around my work/sleep schedule and the weather. It seems like there are always a million things to do and everything takes a bit more time than I typically expect it to. Today I had to run to the post office, but there was a line (of course) and the person standing in front of me had just finished smoking outside, which given the fact that I had just thrown up my breakfast did not make for a good trip. After that I decided to skip the rest of my errands and go home because I didn't feel great and didn't want to deal with the possibility of puking at the library, in the car, and wherever else was on my original list. I know small tasks like this will only get harder once I have to tote baby Strat around, as well, but hopefully I will at least feel like a human being again instead of how I feel now.

On a much happier note, for me anyway - Chris would probably beg to differ what with his Spring allergies, everything is green and blooming! Though the sky has been rather gray recently, the rest of things have not, and that is wonderful. Happy May :)


jennie said...

beautiful! and Katie I really hope you are feeling better soon!!! no more nausea!

LA-jan said...

Nausea is supposed to mean good pregnancy supportive hormones.

So, yeah, next time you are puking, remember, good hormones! ;-))

Patty said...

Sorry for your post office experience. We continue to pray nausea will subside. I love spring!!

maggie said...

Prayers for a better week and lots of flowers and sunshine for you to enjoy on your days off :)