Saturday, July 20, 2013

Rehoboth 2013

Last week we hopped in the car and headed up to Delaware to go to the beach for a week with my family. Every other year, our cousins fly out from California and meet us up in DE for a week of relaxation and a bit of catching up. It's wonderful every time :)

We spent the majority of our time hanging out by the water, in the water, or under umbrellas in the sand. We also took a few strolls down the boardwalk in the evenings:

We saw lots of wildlife including a sea lion that seemed a bit lost, which Lauren followed for miles (!), jellyfish, and dolphins every day:

We went mini-golfing twice. Once on the boardwalk at night, and once at our standard place, Shell We Golf. I got a hole-in-one at both places, but still managed to come in almost last both times!

We had crabs one night, a beer tasting courtesy of my Uncle Mike (who will someday become famous for his home brews once he opens his own brewery...just wait), and a baby shower for Baby Strat courtesy of my cousins Colby and Taylor, which I didn't take any pictures during because I was too busy trying to guess what sort of random baby-related objects were hidden in paper bags. Thank you, thank you Colby and Taylor!!

We went to Dogfish Head in its original location, where Chris and I actually celebrated our 5th anniversary (though no alcohol for this girl!), and my mom and sister rented bikes for the week so everyone could enjoy cruising throughout the town:

We also had quite a bit of rain two days we were there prompting a few night time trips to the beach so my brother could keep his streak alive of submerging in the ocean every day, and quite a bit of indoor puzzling:

Between great family, great food, sun, popsicles, and a lot of relaxation, we couldn't have asked for more. I kind of wish the baby had been born by then to enjoy the family time, too, but it seemed to enjoy kicking around in my stomach while we were at the beach during the day anyway. Thank yous particularly to all the organizers of the trip - it was wonderful!


LA-jan said...

Great pictures! So much fun and good family cheer, I love it!

jennie said...

looks like a blast! glad you had a good time! also... "shell we golf"?? fantastic.

maggie said...

Looks like a great time w family! So impressed by your puzzles - my favorite non-beach activity!

Dorothy said...

It was such a great week! I love time spend with you all!