Sunday, September 8, 2013

Eleanor's first week

Obviously Eleanor has had many, many firsts these last two weeks of life, so I just wanted to share pictures of some of these events :)

First trip to the doctor to get her bilirubin checked - since we left the hospital early we had to go back in for this one (3 days old):

First trip to church to see our friend Hawley's ordination (3 days old):

We took our first walk around the neighborhood (4 days old):

First time meeting grandpas (1 and 8 days old), Auntie Erika and Uncle Jonathan (6 days old), and Uncle Rob and Auntie Joanna (9 days old):
(She met grandmas and Auntie Lauren just an hour or so after birth!)

First trip to Colonial Williamsburg (7 days old):

First bath (8 days old):

First trip to W&M campus (9 days old):

We also made it to the grocery store and Target (not alone!) and to a work party for Chris's department at work that first week. As you can see, we're doing our best to keep active and get her used to moving around and getting outside. She is a calm baby so it has been fairly easy, but now that Chris is back to work and it's just me home with her we are a little less active. So far all is well though and her first week+ of life has been very full of activities, family, friends, and love.


Erika Garber said...

Haha, that picture with her head in the stocks! I love it!

Dorothy said...

What a busy two weeks. I miss holding that little pumpkin! Only a few more days.......

Stina said...

the girl's been busy!! get her used to life on the go this early and your future errands/trips will be a breeze!

maggie said...

The is one little girl about town! Love that she has gotten to meet all of your families already! So sweet!

jennie said...

oh my goodness baby head in the stocks! so good!

jennie said...
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