Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pumpkin Picking

A few weeks ago we headed out with friends to pick pumpkins for the day. The pumpkin farm was across the James River in Surry, so we took the ferry - Eleanor's first boat ride! A month or so before this, a car fell off the ferry into the river when the captain pulled away too quickly, but despite that we weren't nervous :) Some of our friends came prepared with bread and we were able to feed the birds that sit on the back and fly overhead as you cross the river.

We picked our pumpkins at College Run Farms and did not pass up the opportunity to try their homemade pumpkin ice cream! Eleanor was very patient as she obviously can't eat ice cream yet.

Then we headed to Chippokes Plantation State Park to have a picnic lunch and then took a tour of the mansion.

We actually got a fairly large group together to hang out for the day as you can see by the 13 (if you count the babies) of us above, plus two others of our friends that had to leave early. We were gone for longer than we anticipated but we had so much fun! Eleanor behaved so well - eating, sleeping, and just hanging out. Besides the fact that I wore flip flops to a pumpkin patch (bad idea!), I'd say it was a very successful outing :)


Dorothy said...

Looks like a fun day!

jennie said...

wow what a great outing! that's good- train Eleanor early for adventure

maggie said...

such an awesome fall activity! looks like Eleanor enjoyed it too!