Friday, November 15, 2013

Tummy time

As you may remember, Eleanor started rolling over pretty early on, which makes doing "tummy time" difficult. The pediatrician says you're supposed to stick babies on their stomach for a little bit each day to maybe strengthen their neck muscles and coordination or something? Well, Eleanor hates tummy time. She hates it so much that my dad even refers to it as "tummy torture" after witnessing it when we brought her up there to visit last time. Anyway, she's had pretty decent neck control from the start, so I don't do it too often, but every now and then I give it another go to see if she's gotten less displeased about it. I have to get a little more creative though so she won't just kick over or get super frustrated right away, so the other day, I tried sticking her in the middle of the boppy on her stomach. I was trying to make a quick dinner so I put her on the floor in the kitchen and right away she started getting upset. She was kicking so much that she actually climbed over the boppy to escape tummy time. It was hilarious :)

Eleanor is not at all mobile yet, so it was funny to watch her get from inside the boppy to up and over it. She was a little less amused than I was by the whole situation, but I'm sure it was good practice somehow for the future.

Also, a HUGE thanks to Aunt Andi who made the quilt you see above. Eleanor has very talented and loving relatives!


Patty said...

I love her face in this picture!

Dorothy said...

She is so funny! I love that quilt. It is lovely!

Elizabeth said...

it's fun to see the spunky part of her personality! i think her neck control will be great :)

LA-jan said...

What a look she gives you!

Adorable quilt, too.

maggie said...

this is too funny! I love that you captured a picture of this. She looks so sneaky :)