Friday, December 6, 2013

November wrap up

Here are a bunch of random things and pictures from what we've been up to throughout the month of November that I have not had time to post about:

We took several walks this month through Colonial Williamsburg and hit up their pre-Thanksgiving holiday farmers market.

We've taken lots of walks, with and without friends to explore new trails through our neighborhoods and enjoy the end of the fall colored leaves.

Eleanor has taken many, many, many naps on the couch, which I imagine will probably cease to happen in the next month or so when she becomes a bit more mobile. Right now she can't do any moving while she is on her back but I understand that will most likely be changing soon.

For Homecoming this year, W&M sent out reminder post cards with these stickers for your W and M keys - I love them! What a fantastic idea. They've been on for over a month now and I see no wear and tear yet.

We've had several more bonfires at our neighbor's house. Eleanor loves these. She is completely mesmerized by fire, as you can tell be her gaze in the picture below.

We've had lots and lots of spills, including spitting up on the couch, on me, and most notably, coffee on the bed. I tried to pose Eleanor for a picture to send to a friend who brought me coffee one afternoon. The cup only had a little bit left in the bottom so I didn't really think it would be a problem, and now our comforter has a new color added to it.

Eleanor's nails are growing much more quickly now and I have to cut them more frequently. I accidently cut her finger with the nail clippers (I think everyone does this at least once) and while it was a tiny cut and she only cried for about a minute afterward, it bled for like 10 minutes. It got everywhere. Needless to say Chris refuses to cut her nails.

We have done a ton of yardwork, mostly leaf raking. It is absurd. And we still have tons of leaves yet to fall.

We are bundling Eleanor up in super cute winter outfits.

She is starting to get more interested in her toys like her play mat and her taggie (sent to us by Chris' aunt Mary Ellen and uncle Paul up in Boston - thank you!!). She loves the taggie and will have conversations with it contentedly for 15 minutes at a time.

Eleanor still hates tummy time. She escapes every time I try to put her on her stomach. Yet again she had launched herself over the boppy by about 2 minutes in.

We've got a small play ground in our neighborhood and Eleanor seems a little touch and go on the swing so far. At this point I think she'd take it or leave it. But she sure is cute in it!

At work, I finally got ACLS certified - something I had been putting off while I was pregnant and we were moving. We've also had a couple in-services lately with food involved, which have been wonderful! This particular one is thanks to Brilinta:

We bought Eleanor a winter jacket to wear hopefully through March. It's size 3-6 months, but it's obviously still a bit big on her.

We kicked off the Christmas season by watching Elf and drinking hot chocolate with friends the day after Thanksgiving. It's a short Christmas season this year and we are pretty busy and don't want to miss a minute of it!

It was a great month. Now that we are both working full-time, we are getting very behind on stuff like cleaning (I probably haven't vacuumed since the moms were here right after Eleanor was born - I just don't have time..ah!), decorating for Christmas (we got our tree today and we're already a week into December - not sure when we'll have time to decorate it), and dishes tend to sit in the sink for a couple days, but we are doing our best to prioritize, spend time with each other, our friends, and our family and we're just letting go of things we don't have time to do anymore. I really will try to vacuum though soon...hopefully tomorrow...tonight we have plans :)


Elizabeth said...

I love all the pictures of eleanor in her winter clothes! I have no idea how you guys balance everything but admire you a lot and am glad you make time for the important stuff :)

LA-jan said...

She looks so cozy all bundled up. She is a fashionista!

maggie said...

all I could think of in that picture with her coat is Ralphie from Christmas story -- "I can't put my arms down!" Love it :)