Thursday, January 30, 2014

MLK Jr. day off

Chris had last Monday off of work for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and I happened to be off, as well. We went for a hike that was very little hiking and mostly walking in a park near Yorktown (New Quarter Park). As much as I like hiking, having 15 pounds of wiggle strapped to the front of you made me thankful it was mostly walk. We had some nice views of Queens Creek and Cub Creek off the York River.

It was a really pretty day out - a great day to get outside, which this time of year you really have to take advantage of!


Patty said...

Eleanor looked a little sleepy. I bet she keeps you warm on cold days.

Dorothy said...

Nice picture of the three of you. Glad you enjoyed the day outside!

maggie said...

oh man, it looks so warm there! can't wait for some days when we can get outside soon!