Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Leesburg and Eric's birthday!

Last weekend we went up to northern VA because Chris had to work in Loudoun on Friday. My family offered to celebrate Eric's 30th birthday early because I work the weekend of his actual birthday and 30 is quite the milestone! We spent most of the time just sitting at the kitchen table because Eleanor is now joining us at the table. As I mentioned before, she isn't into people doing things without her present. My parents have a high chair that has been passed down since the 1800's, so Eleanor joined us for breakfast and dinner every day. We gave her little pieces of food to play with but none of them ended up in her mouth. She broke her first two teeth last week, so she is turning into quite the big girl these days!

We also took a lunchtime jaunt to Chick Fil A where she enjoyed playing with our trash. No food for her there - too salty/greasy.

Besides eating, we played a few games and walked to the neighborhood park. It was fairly cold all weekend which makes doing things with E a little more difficult, so for the most part we just stayed indoors and sat around on the couch (or the rowing machine in Eleanor's case).

There was a cake, too, with 30 candles :) And, because it has been so cold for so long, Eric was able to play hockey on a lake in Reston which apparently hasn't frozen over like this in over a decade. What an awesome birthday activity! I just wanted to share his picture because I thought it was so cool.

Happy birthday, Eric!!


Dorothy said...

It was a great weekend. Thanks for driving up and being here to celebrate! Love the frozen lake picture.

Patty said...

Great pictures. Happy 30th to Eric!

LA-jan said...

That is a REALLY cool picture!

Love all the family pictures, and can't believe Eric is 30!

Elizabeth said...

love seeing Eleanor at the table an on the rowing machine :)

maggie said...

what a great weekend! Is Eleanor starting her olympic training?!