Monday, April 21, 2014

Erika visits!

Lucky little Eleanor has been having several of her aunts visit her these last two weeks! Erika came down right before Easter to shower some love on this girl and hang out. It was kind of cold weather-wise, but nice. She gave Eleanor her bath, read her books to put her to sleep, and watched her for the afternoon while Chris and I were at work (and I heard put up a pretty good fight...sorry!). It was awesome for me to be able to hang out on my day off with another adult and in general just to catch up with family! We haven't been up to visit recently due to my work schedule, so Erika caught me up on what's going on with everyone up in northern VA while also getting to spend some time with her niece. 
(Stole this last picture of Erika's instagram feed - those bunny ears were sent down from her grandparents for Easter. She actually kept them on for awhile...what a cutie :) )

Thanks for coming to visit Auntie Erika!!


Patty said...

Sweet pictures. Lucky Erika, too!

Dorothy said...

Oh that smile with the bunny ears is perfect!!!

maggie said...

the bunny ears are so sweet! someone is very happy her aunt visited!