Wednesday, May 14, 2014


As I mentioned briefly in the last post, Eleanor is now crawling. I thought time and time again that she would never crawl being that she hated being on her belly, then her hands and knees, but she did it. The last few weeks, every time I put her on her hands and knees she would end up standing on her feet with her hands still on the floor (think: downward facing dog). Well, she finally started moving:

(And don't judge - I did motivate her with a bottle of ibuprofen...but only because she likes rattles)

I don't yet know how much this will impact my day-to-day life, but it's something I've been eagerly awaiting. Since about 7 months, Eleanor has gotten increasingly frustrated with her inability to get places and I kept thinking she would be a lot happier if she could just move. But every mom I've come across tells me to cherish the time before she crawls because after she's moving I will long for the days of immobility again. We'll see. Because Eleanor has been pulling up on things and standing for awhile, I've already had to watch her really closely so she doesn't bash her head on corners and tables when she (inevitably) falls down, so I have been telling myself that her mobility won't be very different. I'll try to remember this post if I have to eat my words later.

Further evidence of her crawling:

As you can see, it's still about 50/50 on whether she uses her hands and knees v. hands and feet to crawl. Girl just likes to stand up. From what I understand, crawling was supposed to happen before pulling up on stuff, but Eleanor has been pulling up on things for weeks in order to stand up (we had to drop her crib down already) so I was pretty sure crawling would never happen. We are excited for her...she already seems much happier.


Dorothy said...

That girl is moving!!!

jennie said...

mmmm ibuprofen

LA-jan said...

Love, love, love that second video! So cute!!

Ashley said...

Way to go big girl!!! And I'd be lying if I didn't say I also have my days when ibuprofen is a great motivator :)

maggie said...

yay Eleanor! so much fun! you now officially have a girl on the move!