Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Visiting grandparents, a wedding, and a graduation

Last weekend we headed up to the D.C. area to spend some time with Chris' family. Chris had to work all day on Friday in the city, so Eleanor and I "slept in" (until 7) and then spent Friday relaxing around the house. We explored all over and because I didn't pack any toys for Eleanor, we found some new favorite things that kept us entertained all weekend: a bowl of plastic lemons that you can see scattered on the outskirts of the picture below and a stack of magazines. Poor Eleanor struggled to crawl all weekend because the floors are much slipperier (aka cleaner) than at our house. It was pretty funny to watch her as she struggled in place :) She was good to go on the tile and carpet though, just the hardwoods gave her trouble.

Friday night was sadly a terrible night of sleep for all of us, reminiscent of when Eleanor was teething and had RSV. I was not a happy camper the next morning so Chris got up with Eleanor and I surprised myself by completely crashing and sleeping almost 3 additional straight hours. When I got up, Eleanor "apologized" by giving me my coffee in the mug pictured below. Chris gave this mug to his mom when he was little. It says "For Mom. With love from your little monster." And let me tell you...she was a monster. Thankfully she's cute though and no one can really stay mad when you look at her.

On Saturday Chris and I went to a wedding. One of his teammates from W&M was getting married close to his parents' house and one of his other teammates who is now a minister was performing the ceremony, so we left Eleanor with the grandparents and enjoyed the wedding while she fussed for everyone back home.

During the day on Sunday we explored a nearby park and Eleanor surprised us all by standing completely unassisted for about 5 seconds before falling in the mulch. She also tried out the slide with her dad, which she loved as you can probably tell by her clapping at the bottom, and tried to get some other girls to play with her, which they weren't having.

Sunday afternoon, our soon to be sister-in-law graduated with her Masters, so there was a little party at the house. All the family was together in one place for the second time ever (with Eleanor) and it was grand. The first three pictures are courtesy of Lance Brien (website).

And all the rest are courtesy of my iphone...Eleanor stayed up way past her bedtime and was starting to get fairly grumpy as we got her ready for bed until Gmom stepped in and let her "play" with her hair. Then it was all smiles again. The things these grandparents let this girl get away with!

All in all it was a great weekend. We had left Chris' car at the hospital because he picked me up from work on our way out of town and it was dead when we got back into Williamsburg. We couldn't jump it so we left it and spent Monday morning remedying that - just needed a new battery. Thanks to all our family for hosting us last weekend, watching Eleanor Saturday night, and allowing us to mess up the house with toys and food all over the floor!


Elizabeth said...

great pictures! glad you guys had a fun weekend with family!

Dorothy said...

Looked like you guys enjoyed each other. Fun times!

Patty said...

Love all these pictures! Eleanor was trying to give me her same hairdo! And I love the story about the mug.

Ashley said...

What a fun weekend! Love E's little ponytail :) Bummer about the car battery though - glad it was easy to fix!

jennie said...

Oh my gosh Eleanor's hair is amazing. Please sport a similar style and take a pic together