Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Eleanor's first birthday party!

For Eleanor's birthday, we invited a bunch of her (and our) friends, as well as family over to grill in the backyard. It was a somewhat cloudy day, but great weather to be outside on the porch. My mom and sister helped us decorate and Eleanor had a great time!

I wanted to make her cake because I thought it would be a fun thing to do. I tried out a new recipe that was supposed to make two 9" cake rounds, but there was so much batter that I was also able to make cupcakes and a mini cake for Eleanor (which we let her eat all by herself). For icing, I made strawberry which turned out delicious.

Chris grilled hamburgers and hotdogs for everyone.

There was a lot of hanging around just letting the girls play on the floor.

Eleanor ran around all morning in her birthday outfit from my grandparents with a little birthday sash my mom and sister got her.

The best part of the party (for everyone, but especially for Eleanor) was the cake. As soon as Chris brought her mini cake out, she started clapping and pointing. She knew it was good since everyone was looking at it. The actual eating portion was funny and completely messy, but she really loved it! I think I will make the same cake for her every year as long as she enjoys it :)

Chris cut cake for everyone else (from a different cake).

After the cake, which she demolished, Eleanor had to take a mid-party bath and change her outfit. She was so dirty there was no other way to clean her up.

We played out on the porch for awhile after she changed and was in the midst of her sugar high before she crashed.

Later that afternoon we opened a couple presents...and by "we" I mean basically I did while trying to get Eleanor interested in the wrapping paper.

My mom also found a bike trailer on craigs list for Eleanor. I got a used bike for my birthday two weeks ago so I have been looking for something like this so Eleanor and I could go for rides on my days off! So far we've ridden at least once every day I've been off and it's been awesome. It's my favorite activity to do with Eleanor at the moment!

Thanks for coming everyone!


Dorothy said...

It was a great day and I love the idea of that same cake every year. It was delicious!!! Happy Birthday sweet Eleanor!

Patty said...

These pictures are wonderful and make me feel like we were part of it! I love the fact that this girl loves her cake!! Great idea on all the "month' pictures for decoration!

Elizabeth said...

Great pictures! I'm glad it was such a fun celebration. I love the clothesline pictures :)

Paula said...

Oh my gosh, what a mess!! So glad you had a great celebration.

jennie said...

awesome pictures!! love the new bike trailer!