Monday, October 20, 2014

Homecoming 2014

This year, Homecoming at W&M was a bigger deal for Chris' job. Last year he had mostly football responsibilities, but this year he had events sporadically throughout the whole weekend. This year was also more fun for me as Eleanor enjoyed it more. We basically spent parts of every day this weekend on campus and it was wonderful! Last year, Eleanor spent the entire Homecoming in the moby wrap and this year she marched herself around campus on her own two feet.

Friday we went to the Homecoming parade. Chris was actually in the parade this year, so Eleanor and I planned to watch him pass by (along with the other floats). When Chris walked by though, she got a little over excited and ran out to him, so Eleanor ended up being in the parade this year, too! After Chris got to the end of the parade route, he came back to watch the back half of the parade with us.

On Saturday, we spent the early afternoon visiting tailgates across campus. In basically every parking lot, Eleanor would spend her time collecting and stacking cones.

Then we headed over to the football game.

At halftime, Eleanor and I took a break in the Sunken Gardens so she could run her energy out before heading back to watch the end of the game.

By the end of the game, she was completely exhausted. It was a pretty long day on campus for her, leaving the house around noon and not getting home until 7ish, but she really seemed to enjoy all the fanfare.

And, a little throwback to Homecoming 2005, when my roommates and Chris' roommates all painted up for the football game. If I recall correctly, I believe we used house paint, which did not wash off of the guys' chests very well afterwards (thankfully the girls painted t-shirts). There were also a lot of square-shaped sunburns after that game.


Dorothy said...

That picture of the three of you is wonderful! Love how she ran out to be with Chris in the parade. Great day. Go tribe!

LA-jan said...

I love her concentration on moving the cones!
She's a tribalicious!

Patty said...

She looks so cute in all of her Tribe gear! Love the spirit!

maggie said...

ah! I'm in that picture! There is some serious tribe pride in your family! Love how E ran into the parade :)