Friday, October 10, 2014

Maynard Marv

A couple weeks ago, we received a package from my grandparents in the mail. Apparently, one of my grandma's friends had collected dolls and wanted to pass along a couple to Eleanor. Eleanor up to that point did not have any "baby dolls," so I was interested to see what she would think. She absolutely loved them from the start. One is a cabbage patch kid named Maynard Marv (his given name, and I thought it would be appropriate not to change it). This is the one we let Eleanor play with. The other one was a Lee Middleton doll named "Angel Face" that we have put on a shelf in Eleanor's room so she doesn't destroy it.

Eleanor loves for Maynard to do all the things she does, so she walks around and puts him in her high chair, then takes him out and puts him in her stroller, then pushes him around for awhile. Then later she'll try to share her milk with him. It is absolutely the most adorable thing I've ever seen.

When she is upset or crying, I'll put her down and say, "Eleanor, where is Maynard?" and she'll walk around the house, go get him and bring him back to me. She likes to give Maynard (very wet) kisses, too! Her absolute favorite thing to do, though, is to walk outside with Maynard. In this particular picture we had just gotten back from a bike ride and she didn't want to take her helmet off yet (I do not make her wear a helmet to walk on the street). All of our immediate neighbors know all about Eleanor and Maynard now. I love it!

And as Erika (E's auntie) pointed out in the picture above, Eleanor and Maynard are making the exact same face :)


Dorothy said...

Oh my gosh this is so adorable! I love her pushing Maynard upside down in the stroller and she does have the same smile inthe last picture! Too precious!

LA-jan said...

ADORABLE! This is too precious!

Patty said...

these pictures are so precious! That last one...I'm dying!!!

maggie said...

this is the cutest thing I've ever seen! What a cutie - love the name, that smile and the pictures! Please, keep us updated on how Maynard is doing :)

Paula said...

I am cracking up at her joy, and Maynard upside down!