Monday, November 10, 2014

Petting Zoo

A couple weeks ago, there was a petting zoo on campus in the sunken garden. We took Eleanor over there in the early afternoon to check it out. She decorated a pumpkin, played in a moon bounce, and then was able to pet goats, chickens, ducks, and ponies.

They apparently have this set up every year during midterms for students so they can "de-stress" but it is also open to the public. There were several other kids there exploring and it was a great way to spend an afternoon.


Patty said...

Oh my gosh, animals her size! So cute! I LOVE her face on the moon bounce!

LA-jan said...

So cute!
Not sure she is loving the pony, though, by the look on her face.

Dorothy said...

Looks like see likes that moon bounce and was very watchful with all those animals. Fun day.

maggie said...

ha, love the one of the goat behind her! super fun!