Wednesday, November 26, 2014


I planted tomatoes back in the spring at the end of April and last weekend, Chris and I finally got rid of them. I walked out one morning and my basil plant had gone completely black and wilted, which meant the frost had taken over (a.k.a. far past time to get rid of these plants). I didn't realize it, but my basil had grown through it's pot and had rooted in the soil below.

I collected all the tomatoes I could from off the vines and then dumped the plant into the trash. Goodbye tomatoes! You lived a long and (literally) fruitful life!

Hopefully some of these green tomatoes will still turn red, but if not, we had a good run.


Dorothy said...

Nice green thumb this year!

maggie said...

I can't believe you just finished picking tomatoes! I'm so incredibly impressed!