Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving with family

We spent Thanksgiving day in town hanging out with friends because I got put on call at work and couldn't leave town. It was a huge blessing to be home with Chris and Eleanor for the holiday, and also wonderful to have friends in town that invited us over to share Thanksgiving dinner with them. Eleanor spent the entire afternoon chasing their fairly good-humored cat, and trying to put on people's boots.

That evening we headed up to Leesburg and celebrated Thanksgiving with my family on Friday. We went out for our annual Turkey Bowl to kick field goals in the morning. Eleanor even kicked this year!

That afternoon we got ready for dinner. Lauren cooked the turkey and I did my best to carve it. She also made a swan that Eleanor later chewed up. 

We spent a bit of time sitting by the fire (Eleanor found a box to climb into by the fire) and played lots of games, including cards and a version of frisbee golf.

The next day we headed over to Chris' family's house to see everyone. We also kicked field goals over there. I made a 16 yarder this year and Chris hit from 35. Both of us were sore the next day. Instead of pictures, enjoy this video Robert made of us kicking:

Sunday morning we went for a 5 mile walk/hike/jog around Burke Lake Park. Chris was sure to show off his skills on the rustic gym stations along the way - particularly backflips and vaulting. We stopped off at a park for Eleanor near the end.

Lastly, there was lots of general family time, game playing, and decorating for Christmas

As always, it was a great trip up to northern Virginia. We had a blast and are already looking forward to heading back up there in just three weeks for Christmas! 


LA-jan said...

Nice you got to do a double celebration!
fun photos!!

Patty said...

it was a wonderful Thanksgiving! So glad you could be with us. LOVE Lauren's swan!

Dorothy said...

Family is the best! Very grateful this time of year especially.

maggie said...

wow - such a great holiday weekend! So much love and family!